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Omaha Bass Anglers

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2005 Tournament Schedule

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Welcome to our website. We are a small fishing club, but we have alot of fun and we have community acitvities as well. Please go to our home page for more information about our club. We hope you will consider joining us.
For tournament results click on the link for that tournament.
Everyone should be in the water and ready to go at the posted blastoff time. Everyone will circle the 5 fish on the weight sheets and fill in the total weight. Only the 5 fish circled will count. Everyone will sign the weight sheets. Have fun and Good Luck!!

2004 Tournament Schedule

Date Location Blastoff Time Results
April 17Grand Lake, Oklahoma 0615 fish icon
April 18 Grand Lake, Oklahoma 0615 fish icon
May 8 Burchard Lake, Nebraska 0545 fish icon
May 15 Zorinsky Lake, Nebraska 0545 fish icon
June 5 Green Valley, Iowa 0525 fish icon
June 12 Truman Lake, Missouri 0520 fish icon
June 13Truman Lake, Missouri 0520 fish icon
July 24 West Lake, Iowa 0545 fish icon
August 14 West Lake, Iowa 0600 fish icon
August 28Green Valley, Iowa 0610 fish icon
September 113 Mile, Iowa 0625 fish icon

The club will also have two Open Tournaments at 3 Mile, Iowa.

The dates set for the tournaments are July 31, and September 18.

Blast off times for these tournaments will be at safe light, which is approximately 0550 on July 31 and 0645 on September 18.