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2004 Tournament Results

As the sun sets on the fishing season for 2004, I would like to congratulate everyone. I hope you found this site useful. Until next year. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

3 Mile, Iowa - - September 11, 2004

Big Fish: Doug Lucia 3.13 lbs Big Boat: Jim & Steve 19.51 lbs
First Place: Ed Newman 12.07 lbs Second Place: Jim Lencke 10.26 lbs Third Place: Bryan Hinton 9.76 lbs
Fourth Place: Darryl Ziegler 9.26 lbsFifth Place: Steve Klaman 9.25 lbs Sixth Place: Tim Briscoe 9.05 lbs
Lake Conditions: Partly Cloudy, water was clear by the dam and dirty up the lake. Water was approx. 75 degrees